Technology Transfer Offices to be Opened at Universities

Technology Transfer Offices will be opened at universities to carry out patent studies to make the university staff’s ideas and works utilizable in market.

Prof. Durmus Gunay, member of the YOK, the Board of Higher Education, stated that they are carrying out a program to build Technology Transfer Offices at universities. Adding that a commission was set 6 months ago for this purpose, Günay said the commission will create a model on how the technology transfer offices will run.

Günay suggested that India, Japan, U.S.A., China, and Israel have such models and added:

“We will create a Turkish model in comply with our university structure and higher education system. The idea in the faculty member will turn to technology. This office will obtain the patent and will create all possible conditions necessary to protect the patent. The responsibility to protect the patent will belong to the university. In case the patent is sold, licensed or manufactured, the faculty member will be paid. In short, these offices will set the link between the faculty members and market.”

Believing that the competition will increase with the patent offices at universities, Günay concluded that the others will take action when a faculty member gains money.