New Zealander Fashion Designer Victorious Against Turkish Trademark Pirate

Bakırköy IP Court issued its decision in a fight for the trademark KAREN WALKER. In the action brought forward by the New Zealander designer KAREN WALKER, the Court decided to cancel the registration of the Turkish company for the mark KAREN WALKER. Represented by Alimoğlu Oruç, the well-known designer argued that it has created the mark in dispute years ago, made it well-known by extensive use and registration worldwide, and has invested in tremendous amount of money for protecting the mark. The claimant further argued that the defendant could have chosen this mark by coincidence considering that the defendant not only copied words of her mark but also the jumping tiger in firing hoop. The main defense of the Turkish company was that the mark KAREN WALKER is a common name in English and they picked the mark from a character appearing in TV series also broadcasted in Turkey. Finding the arguments of the claimant satisfying, the Court ordered the invalidation of the registration of the Turkish company. This is the second victory of the New Zealander fashion designer against the same Turkish company after the victories for the pending applications of the Turkish company, all of which were refused upon opposition.