Member States Simplify International Design Registration System

WIPO Member states moved on September 24, 2009 to simplify the international design registration system by suspending the earliest of the three Acts that govern the Hague Agreement concerning the International Deposit of Industrial Designs. This decision will streamline the administration of the Treaty which offers the possibility to protect designs in several countries by filing one single application (in one language with one set of fees in one currency – Swiss francs). The Hague system also simplifies the subsequent management of industrial design rights.

he decision was taken at an Extraordinary Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the 1934 (London) Act of the Hague Agreement on the sidelines of the WIPO Assemblies’ meetings from September 22 to October 1, 2009.

This decision will reduce the complexity of the system and will focus greater attention on the 1999 Geneva Act which enhances the existing system by making it more compatible with registration systems in countries where protection of industrial designs is contingent on examination to determine the acceptability of an application. The decision will be applicable as from January 1, 2010.