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Contract Law

With in-depth knowledge and experience of drafting contracts, we provide assistance on drafting, negotiating, and finalizing business agreements. We work for national and international companies, which need expertise in the field of international contract law. Here are examples of some types of contracts we provided assistance so far:

– Assignment Contracts
– Confidentiality Contracts
– Consortium Contracts
– Employment Contracts
– Franchise, Agency, and Distribution Contracts
– License Contracts
– Leasing Contracts
– Memorandum of Understanding
– Purchasing and Sales Contracts
– Software Development Contracts

Corporate Law

From formation to management of company, we provide assistance for corporate matters. We involve our client’s advisers in the process, such as corporate finance advisers, accountants to address our client’s specific needs. Here are examples of some types of corporate matters we provided assistance for our clients so far:

– Formation of Any Type of Company
– Amendments in Articles of Foundation
– Joint Ventures
– Mergers & Acquisitions
– Partnership and Shareholder Agreements
– General Board and Board of Directors Matters
– Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Liquidation
– Competition Issues

Foreigners and Foreign Investments Law

We provide assistance to foreign companies when they enter in Turkey through government regulations and procedures for setting up their operations in Turkey. We also assist our clients in complying with the provisions of foreign direct investments in all around Turkey. For those businesses which need to recruit from outside of Turkey, it is crucial to work with a firm which has in-depth knowledge and is aware of ever-changing regulations. We are experienced lawyers to support you with clear, practical and up-to-date information. Here are examples of some types of foreigners and foreign investments matters we provided assistance for our clients so far:

– Due diligence including reports on feasibility, Special Foreign Direct Investments, Technology Development Zones, Organized Industrial Zones, Free Zones, exemptions, incentives
– Establishing company, branch office, liaison office, agency or subsidiary in Turkey
– Approvals, licenses
– Transfer of assets and technology
– Short-term and long-term residence permits and citizenship applications
– Work permissions

Labor & Employment Law

We can assist you with any employment law issue covering all aspects of employment law. Whether you are a large or small employer or an employee, we will help you understand what is required of you as an employer and how to respond to changes in employment regulations. Here are examples of some types of matters we provided assistance for our clients so far:

– Recruitment and Mutual Rescission Agreements
– Individual and Collective Dismissal Issues
– Outsourcing
– Mergers and Acquisitions
– Anti-competition
– Change of working conditions
– Severance and Notice Compensations, Post
– Termination Payments

Real Estate Law

We routinely advise individual investors, commercial and industrial developers, contractors, subcontractors, lenders on real estate finance, acquisition, disposition, development matters. Here are examples of some types of real estate matters we provided assistance for our clients so far:

– Rental, leasing, acquiring, selling of real estate assets and property portfolios
– Tender and project documentation
– Construction Contracts
– Concessions
– Joint Venture negotiations and contracts
– Planning, Zoning, Land use approvals
– Termination and Release Contracts
– Due diligence, including title, survey, property condition reports

Debt Collection

We have an experienced team who will provide you the best course of action on debt recovery in a cost-effectively manner. If the debtor chooses to challenge your claim, our experienced commercial litigation lawyers will be able to provide you the advice on how to solve the issue. Here are examples of some types of foreigners and foreign investments matters we provided assistance for our clients so far:

– Enforcement
– Seizure of assets
– Seizure of assets in third parties
– Sales of assets via Enforcement Office
– Debt Restructuring
– Bankruptcy and Liquidation Requests

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