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Trademark is a sign that identifies and distinguishes the goods or services of a business from the goods or services of other businesses. Trademark can be any letter, word, name, signature, device, label, shape, color, aspect of packaging, or any combination of these. Trademark is the key to securing the brands and images that identify and distinguish a business from its rivals. Although registering a trademark is not compulsory, registering a sign as trademark is always wise since proving rights to a trademark without registration is risky and costly. Further, registration adds substantial value to a business. With this in mind, we make every effort to protect and maximize the value of our clients' trademarks. Working closely with our associates abroad, we provide trademark services wherever our clients need protection. We provide very effective trademark services including:

-Watch services including competitor investigation and monitoring
-Registrability search
-Validity and infringement opinions
-Trademark related agreements
-Cancellation, invalidation, non-infringement, compensation, and criminal actions
-Raids and seizure including seizures at Customs


Design means the various features of a product such as lines, texture, shape, ornamentation, or other characteristics. Design registration is granted if and when a design is novel and has an individual character. Multiple designs may be registered in a single application provided that, except in cases of ornamentation, the products in which the designs are intended to be incorporated or to which they are intended to be applied belong to the same sub-class or to the same set or composition of items. Registration of a design enables the design owner to prevent others from exploiting the design or an obvious or similar imitation of the design for which registration was obtained. Working closely with our associates abroad, we provide trademark services wherever our clients need protection. We offer diverse design services covering:

– Watch services including competitor investigation and monitoring
– Validity and infringement opinions
– Registration
– Opposition
– Renewal
– Assignment
– Licensing
– Design related agreements
– Cancellation, invalidation, and compensation actions

Internet and Domain Names

While the internet is becoming the predominant actor in today's primary medium of commerce, the registration and protection of domain names are of paramount importance. Domain names are registered on a first-come, first-served basis. To avoid being victims of cybersquatters or infringers, registering a domain name is crucial. Further, effective enforcement of trademark and design rights, copyright, and related rights in the virtual world requires continuous and successful IP management as infringements using the internet increase. We provide efficient IP protection in the virtual world. Our IP protection services for the virtual world include:

– Monitoring online trademark, design, and copyright infringements
– Issuing validity opinions
– Search and conflict advice
– Domain name registration before “nic.tr”
– Payment of maintenance fees
– Representation in alternative dispute resolution procedures including the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) through the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Procedures
– Representation before the courts on online infringement

Other IP Services

Our ability to tackle cases covers not only main intellectual property matters, but also a variety of other intellectual property matters. We can provide advice and services related to:

– Plant Breeder's Rights
– Geographical Indications
– Trade Secrets
– Know-How
– Due Diligence (IP Audit)
– Freedom to Operate
– Consumer Protection
– E-Commerce
– Unfair Competition


Patent is an exclusive right to an invention granted to the creator of the invention for a certain period. Requirements for patent registration are novelty, inventiveness, and applicability. A patentable invention can be a product or a process that technically solves a problem. Treatment methods, software, discoveries, scientific theories, and mathematical methods are not patentable. Registered patent gives the patent owner the right to prevent others from making, using, offering to sell, selling, exporting, or importing the patented invention without authorization of the patent owner. While obtaining patent protection is an important stage of a business strategy, it should also be effectively used and defended against the patents of others in litigation and in negotiations. Providing effective patent protection requires understanding business objectives. Working closely with our associates abroad, we provide patent services wherever our clients need protection. We offer diverse design services covering:

– Novelty search
– Validity and infringement opinions
– Registration
– Validation of international applications
– Opposition
– Assignment
– Licensing
– Patent related agreements
– Cancellation, invalidation, and compensation actions


Copyright is a form of property and is a set of exclusive rights granted to creator for so long as it is original and is expressed in a tangible form. Originality in copyright refers to an independent effort in creating the work. Copyright owner has exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, derivate, and perform or display his/her work. Certain types of copyrightable works are granted protection without registration. We provide advice on a wide range of matters including software, digital media, databases, web sites, music, books, images, photographs, advertisements, architectural works, and other copyrightable materials. We handle matters involving copyright protection and enforcement of copyright. We provide advice on a range of matters in copyright including:

– Software
– Digital Media
– Databases
– Web Sites
– Musics
– Books
– Images
– Photographs
– Advertisements
– Architectural works and other copyrightable materials

IP at Customs

We proactively assist our clients in seizing and destroying counterfeit products before they enter in market. This prevents not only decrease in sales of original products but also detriment to goodwill associated to the intellectual property rights. Our IP protection service at customs include:

– Recordal of intellectual property rights
– Examination of blocked products
– Obtaining seizure order Court order against counterfeit products
– Destruction of counterfeit products
– Simplified destruction
– Training Customs Officers


Timely attendance to patent annuities and renewals are the most crucial point in post-registration period. Failure in so may cause extreme damages. For this reason, we developed our own software for tracking every annuity payment and renewal. We do not charge for recording your portfolio in our software and there is no hidden fee in annuity payments.

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