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Significant Changes in IP law in Turkey

The new Indsutrial Property Law, bringing together previous Decree Laws on trademarks, designs, and patents together and introducing substantial changes in Turkey,

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Local Court Holds Transport Company Not Responsible for Counterfeit Products

In a recent case, Istanbul IP Court reviewed the dispute between brand owner, known with its famous and highly expensive bags, and a transportation company.

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Constitutional Court Cancels Article related to Non-Use

With its decision dated 09 Aril 2014, the Turkish Constitutional Court decided to cancel article 42/1(c) of Decree Law on Protection of Trademarks Numbered 556.

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Beyonce to defend her name

IP courts resolved the dispute over the well-known name BEYONCE. After registration of her name by different Turkish companies, the famous singer and actress BEYONCE

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New Zealander Fashion Designer Victorious Against Turkish Trademark Pirate

Bakırköy IP Court issued its decision in a fight for the trademark KAREN WALKER. In the action brought forward by the New Zealander designer KAREN WALKER, the Court decided

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Google Drives Driverless

The search giant Google patents a method to switch a vehicle from a human-controlled mode into the state where it takes charge of the wheel. The firm suggests the technology

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