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The Term Mr & Mrs in the line of Distinctive and Descriptive Nature

As a general rule, a person who creates a sign subject to registration for the purpose of distinguishing goods and services from similar one, is free to choose the sign. The first threshold this freedom must overcome are the requirements set out in paragraph 1 of article of the Law on Industrial Property, entitled “Absolute grounds for refusal of the registration of a trademark”. In other words, the registration of a sign as a trademark

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Calculation of the time period for transactions carried out before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, within the scope of COVID-19 measures

The time periods indicated in the Law no.6769 on Industrial Property and applied by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office were suspended as of 13 March 2020. The suspension of these deadlines has been extended up to 15 June 2020 pursuant to decision of the president of the Republic,

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In case of accumulation of lawsuits, is resorting to mediation as a procedural requirement mandatory?

Mediation which is one of the alternative ways of settlement of disputes is a process which constitutes bringing together the parties in dispute,

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Significant Changes in IP law in Turkey

The new Indsutrial Property Law, bringing together previous Decree Laws on trademarks, designs, and patents together and introducing substantial changes in Turkey, became effective as of January 10, 2017. Click click here  to see what the new law brings.

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Beyonce to defend her name

IP courts resolved the dispute over the well-known name BEYONCE. After registration of her name by different Turkish companies, the famous singer and actress BEYONCE

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Local Court Holds Transport Company Not Responsible for Counterfeit Products

In a recent case, Istanbul IP Court reviewed the dispute between brand owner, known with its famous and highly expensive bags,

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New Zealander Fashion Designer Victorious Against Turkish Trademark Pirate

Bakırköy IP Court issued its decision in a fight for the trademark KAREN WALKER. In the action brought forward by the New Zealander designer KAREN WALKER, the Court decided

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Constitutional Court Cancels Article related to Non-Use

With its decision dated 09 Aril 2014, the Turkish Constitutional Court decided to cancel article 42/1(c) of Decree Law on Protection of Trademarks Numbered 556.

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